Thomson Fresh is THE source for year round fresh produce!  From Anaheim Chiles to Zucchini Squash, Thomson Fresh is ready to help.  Thomson Fresh is conveniently located in Los Angeles, CA, a major hub in the produce industry for shipping.

Why Thomson Fresh?

  • Deeply rooted with a holistic view of the produce industry from growing to shipping to marketing.
  • Solid relationships with grower/shippers in the major growing regions.
  • A keen understanding of the market in relation to price and supply.
  • Ability to source low volume items freeing up a buyer’s time to focus on the high volume items.
  • Saves time. Thomson Fresh has literally hundreds of growers to source product from.
  • Thomson Fresh works lean and mean so markups are minimal.
  • The Logistics Department at Thomson Fresh can handle transportation to your distribution center.
  • Thomson Fresh buying power can help to negotiate contract pricing or promotional pricing.